Samsung 360 Cassette

The stylish 360 Cassette creates the ultimate indoor experience - keeping occupants comfortable, while fitting seamlessly into the design of any space.
The unit evenly cools every corner of the room without leaving any dead zones – increasing each occupant’s sense of well-being and improving their overall satisfaction.
Due to its bladeless design, blade dust that would normally impact indoor air quality is eliminated, and the velocity of the discharged air remains unaffected without loss of airflow. A layer of horizontal airflow that reduces the discharge angle is gently dispersed throughout the entire room
With its sophisticated, circular cutting-edge design, the 360 Cassette creates even comfort cooling throughout the entire room without detracting from its surroundings. Its integrated circular LED display provides a clearly visible airflow operation that can be set with intuitive controls.

Image Description
Samsung 360 Cassette indoor Cool (2.2-8kW) Heat (1.9-9kW)


External Dimension: 947 x 281 x 947, Refrigerant Type: R410A, Size: 2.2-8kW, To Fit: 1/4" - 5/8", Weight: 20.2kg,
Samsung 1ph Inverter Heat Pump R410A Cool 7.1kW Heat 8.0kW


External Dimension: 80 x 798 x 310, Refrigerant Type: R410A, Size: 7.1kW, To Fit: 1/4" - 5/8", Weight: 53kg
Samsung 360 Cassette Fascia Panel - Round WHITE