Rothenberger Superfire 2 Torch (Mapp Gas)

The UK's No.1 Best Selling TorchThe SuperFire 2™ is the Original, The Best and The Hottest Torch on the Market. With its fully adjustable flame control as well as the constant flame mode and Guaranteed 360° Anti Flare, it is ideally suited for many different uses as well as soldering and brazing. Popular with all trades, particularly Plumbing & Heating, HVAC, Refrigeration and Roofing. It has become the market leader and the torch of choice for the professional, worldwide.

-The UK's No.1 Best Selling Torch.
-Ideal for soft soldering and brazing.
-Piezo ignition for instant flame and Guaranteed 360° Anti Flare.
-Servicable and replacement parts available.
-Suitable for MAP/Pro™ and Propane.
-Can be fitted with Cool Tip-with filter jet, for safer burning.
-Made in USA.
-SKU 35644X

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Rothenberger Superfire 2 Torch (Mapp Gas)


Rothenberger Replacement Jet for Superfire 2 (3.5661)