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The TOGGLER SNAPTOGGLE® is no ordinary toggle bolt anchor. It is in fact arguably the best anchor on the market today; with its simplicity and speed of application, massive range of applications and fully tested, huge 'tensile pull out' and 'shear' strength. It is the ultimate answer to some of the most awkward and demanding tasks that professionals face when fixing to hollow materials such as cavity walls and ceilings.

- Save Time! So much quicker and easier to install than other comparable anchors
- Exceptionally strong! Up to twice as strong as old fashioned wing toggles
- Save Money! Turn a 2-person job into a 1-person job, and use shorter bolts
- Corrosion Resistant! Longlife Gold plating and stainless steel versions available
- Re-useable in the same hole! Remove the bolt without losing the anchor
- Versatile! Works in both cavity and solid material up to 63mm (90mm & 240mm Long anchors available)


Other toggle bolt fixings are usually clumsy and difficult to install, ruin the rear side of the wall when over tightened and require a huge hole to be drilled to fit the anchor through. The SNAPTOGGLE, on the other hand, can be installed in less than 10 seconds thanks to its pivoting head and patented strap design, its weight distribution over the entire solid metal channel head prevents any damage being done to the wall or ceiling, and the M8 and M10 anchors fit through a 19mm hole!