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Handling Refrigerant Recovery Cylinders
As F-Gas regulation drives the industry to lower GWP refrigerants, many of these have a degree of flammability. It's important to further highlight and ensure that the relevant regulations are met when using recovery cylinders. 
Use the correct cylinder type
Flammable A2L refrigerants must be recovered into cylinders designated for use with flammable refrigerants. These cylinders will have a painted red top and have the correct labelling. Refrigerants such as R-1234yf, R-32, R-454A, R-455A, R-454B and R-452B must only be recovered into Red Top Cylinders.   
Do not overfill recovery cylinders
Did you know that the recommended maximum fill weight for recovered refrigerants is 80%. 
Overfilling a cylinder can cause "hydraulic lock" which may lead to cylinders rupturing. To find out the recommended fill weight for recovered cylinders, use the virgin product quantity embossed on the neck on the cylinder to calculate the 80%. It's recommended to always use scales when recovering refrigerant.

If the refrigerant information is not on the cylinder, the maximum recovered fill weights for common refridgerants in a 12.5 litre and a 61 litre cylinder are given as examples in the table.

Do not apply heat
Do not overheat a cylinder or apply heat in any way other than through an approved cylinder heating device.


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