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Introducing our top-performing, budget-friendly condensate pump!

Trusted by HVAC professionals nationwide, this popular pump ensures reliable condensate removal at an unbeatable price. With a reputation for durability and efficiency, it's the smart choice for both your clients and your bottom line.

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🦺 Safety First

With an impressive IP24 rating, it’s splashproof, making it one of the safest pumps available on the market today.

⬇️ Low Noise

With a noise rating of just 49dBa, this pump is one of the quietest models in our range.

Sleek Design

The sleek and discrete low-profile design makes it easy to fit into tight spaces.

🛡️ 2 Year Warranty

Our high quality pump comes with a 2-year warranty, for that extra peace of mind!

Elevate your HVAC game today by making the switch to the Ultra High Flow Pump for a reliable performance, each time.