WHISPA-Q-TRUNK Ultra Quiet Trunking Pump (1/4 Hose)

The WHISPA-Q-TRUNK is an industry first stand-alone pump in trunking for the future. Designed to provide ultra-quiet running utilising the new DC DIAPHRAGM PUMP TECHNOLOGY along with a stylish sleek ultra-cool design. This new pump offers easy installation and hassle-free maintenance, whilst dramatically cutting running costs. A true silent, gentle giant that doesn’t cost the earth.

Whats in the box -
• Black & White end cap
• Pump and trunking
• Ceiling rosette
• Anti-syphon valve
• Hose connector
• Silicone hose
• Complete fixings accessories
• 400mm extra trunking

Data Sheet: CFPW3.pdf

WHISPA-Q-TRUNK Ultra Quiet Trunking Pump (1/4 Hose)


Pump Max Flow: 33L/h at zero meter, DBA Rating: 21, External Dimension: 106(W) x 52(H) x 550(L) + (400(L)), Weight: 1.2kg