Ultra Frame Kits 2.6M Wide

Width: 2.6m
Length: Any length to suit the installation
Height: Extendable from 250mm - 450mm

-Ultra frame is available in a range of different sizes and shapes
-Easy to adapt and extend in line or side, to suit most installations
-Provides strength & convenience for cable management installation
-Fast and economical systems for mounting M&E services, Air Conditioning and refrigeration units
-No penetration of waterproof roof membrane
-Anti-Vibration pads pre-attached to feet
-Kit available to order includes extenders and feet

Image Description
UltraFrame 1x2.6M Support System (KIT)


Load Capacity: 1050kg, Height: 250 - 450mm, Size: 1 x 2.6M
UltraFrame 2x2.6M Support System (KIT)


Size: 2 x 2.6M, Load Capacity: 1575, Height: 250 - 450mm
UltraFrame 3x2.6M Support System (KIT)


Size: 3 x 2.6M, Load Capacity: 2100kg, Height: 250 - 450mm
UltraFrame 4x2.6M Support System (KIT)


Height: 250 - 450mm, Load Capacity: 2625kg, Size: 4 x 2.6M
UltraFrame 5x2.6M Support System (KIT)


Height: 250 - 450mm, Load Capacity: 3150kg, Size: 5 x 2.6M
UltraFrame 6x2.6M Support System (KIT)


Size: 6 x 2.6M, Load Capacity: 3675kg, Height: 250 - 450mm
UltraFrame 7x2.6M Support System (KIT)


Height: 250 - 450mm, Load Capacity: 4200kg, Size: 7 x 2.6M
UltraFrame 8x2.6M Support System (KIT)


Height: 250 - 450mm, Load Capacity: 4725kg, Size: 8 x 2.6M
UltraFrame 9x2.6M Support System (KIT)


Height: 250 - 450mm, Load Capacity: 5250kg, Size: 9 x 2.6M
UltraFrame 10x2.6M Support System (KIT)


Height: 250 - 450mm, Load Capacity: 5775kg, Size: 10 x 2.6M