Self Connecting Basket Tray System

Basket Tray (Self Connecting)

Wire mesh tray made of steel with quick-connect Click system and rounded safety edge for the support and management of cables. The Rejiband CLICK Cable Tray is made up of wire mesh rods that provide high strength and elasticity. Easy to assemble, thanks to its flexibility and its quick-connect Click system, it allows the connection between sections of trays without the need for screws, which means savings in material and labour costs.
Manufactured according to international standard IEC 61537. It is distributed in different sizes.

• High resistance, flexibility and adaptable to each project providing a saving of more than 30% in the installation.
• Rounded safety edge that prevents damage to the cables and harm to the installer.
• Rapid connection system with pre-fitted couplers reduces installation time by 40%.
• Electrical continuity guaranteed according to standard IEC61537.
• Flange heights of 60 or 100 mm and widths of 60, 100, 150, 200, 300, 400, 450, 500 and 600 mm with a wide range of accessories.

Image Description
Basket Tray 60 X 100mm X 3M (Self Connecting)


Size: 100mm, Length: 3M, Height: 60mm,
Basket Tray 60 X 150mm X 3M (Self Connecting)


Length: 3M, Width: 150mm, Height: 65mm
Basket Tray 60 X 200mm X 3M (Self Connecting)


Width: 200mm, Length: 3M, Height: 65mm
Basket Tray 60 X 300mm X 3M (Self Connecting)


Height: 65mm, Width: 300mm, Length: 3M,
Basket Tray 60 X 400mm X 3M (Self Connecting)


Width: 400mm, Height: 65mm, Length: 3M
Basket Tray 60 X 500mm X 3M (Self Connecting)


Length: 3M, Width: 500mm, Height: 65mm
Basket Tray 60 X 600mm X 3M (Self Connecting)


Width: 600mm, Height: 65mm, Length: 3M