Romax Compact Press Jaws (Type M - Plumbing)

•DURA LAZR TEC treatment - partial laser hardening allows highest hardness on high impact spots. This leads to minimal wear and a high contour accuracy
•In combination with the forged, highly resilient and flexible special steel the new generation of press jaws achieve a 100% longer service life in comparison to their predecessor
•The 3-bolt synchronized mechanism makes it possible to open the press jaw with only one finger
•Precision-manufactured contours for optimum and reliable pressings

Data Sheet: cfmpj28.pdf

Image Description
Romax Compact 15mm Jaws (Type M)


Size: 15mm, Type: M - Plumbing
Romax Compact 22mm Jaws (Type M)


Size: 22mm, Type: M - Plumbing
Romax Compact 28mm Jaws (Type M)


Size: 28mm, Type: M - Plumbing