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Now you can have the best of both worlds
  • No critical refrigeration concerns
  • Milder air off temperatures
  • Continuous heating operation
  • Faster defrosts
  • Freeze protection
  • Faster installation
  • No refrigerant noise indoors
  • Fit out flexibility
  • Connectable to all existing Mitsubishi Electric Controllers

Alpha Wholesale has developed a kit covering both the water and air-conditioning elements of the HVRF system, making us YOUR HVAC supplier.

We keep a complete range of Alpress and Uponor in stock, available for next day delivery, meaning you can order your install components safe in the knowledge that Alpha will deliver according to your time schedule.

HVRF System Overview

Mitsubishi Electric’s Hybrid VRF (HVRF) is an innovative alternative to traditional cooling and heating methods. It’s the world’s first system that is able to simultaneously heat and cool, with a 2 pipe system that uses refrigeration between the outdoor unit and the Hybrid BC Controller (HBC), and water between the HBC and the indoor units.

The HBC is the most unique part of this system, allowing heat exchange between refrigeration and water. The system is suitable for a wide variety of installations.

The HVRF system operates without using refrigerant in occupied spaces, therefore removing the need for leak detection equipment, making this incredibly useful for environments such as hospitals and hotels.

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