Dewalt Vertigo Concrete Hangers & Sockets

All steel threaded fastening system for suspending steel threaded rod vertically overhead in pipe hanging, fire protection, electrical conduit and cable-tray applications.

VERTIGO can be installed in concrete ceilings, beams, and columns.

The specially designed application socket prevents over-tightening of the hanger.

Image Description
Vertigo-Concrete Vert Hanger-Intrnl M8 Pk50 DFM1450002


Pack Quantity: 50, Size: M8
Vertigo-Concrete Vert Hanger-Intrnl M10 Pk50 DFM1450003


Pack Quantity: 50, Size: M10
Vertigo Concrete Socket M8-M10 SINGLE SOCKET ONLY


Pack Quantity: Single Socket, Size: M8-M10