Refco Lift 240v - Refco LFT-230 Portable lift 240v

This unique installation lifter allows you to accomplish almost all overhead mountings on your own. Unique are also the in mast guided wires which enhance the operating safety vastly. The zinc coated steel construction in respect to stability and robustness of conventional aluminum products is superior without being heavier. The lifting of the load with the continuously variable speed can be done easily with the electric remote control. The lifter LFT230 is delivered in a practical carrying bag and can be set up in no time. The telescoping tripods are infinitely adjustable and work perfectly on slopes, uneven terrain or even stairways.

Voltage: 230 V
Max. lifting height: 3 m
Weight Lifter: 20 kg
Weight Plattform: 5 kg
Load Capacity: 130 kg
Platform: 775 x 460 mm
Lifter stowage: 280x 1100 mm

Data Sheet: cfytrl.pdf

Refco Lift 240v - Refco LFT-230 Portable lift 240v