Sauermann Temp Clamp SI-RM2

This Si-RM2 temperature probe accurately and simultaneously provides real-time superheat/sub cooling calculations. It measures temperature from -40 to 150°C (-40 to 302 °F) available in both °C and °F, and comes with Bluetooth low energy communication.

Storage temperature -20°C - 50°C

Used with wireless manifold

Reinforced Jack connector

1/4" FFL with Shrader depressor to male 1/4" MFL with Shrader valve.

2M cable

Battery life - 250 hours

App - Easy to read digital gauge, table and graphic visualisations - Report exportation in PDF, CSV and XML formats - Data logging - Measurements are instantly provided.

Compatible with the Si-Manifold app on Android and iOS

Sauermann Temp Clamp SI-RM2