Sauermann Smart Wireless Pressure Probe Si-RM1

This Si-RM1 wireless pressure probe accurately measures high side and low side pressure. It measures relative pressure range from -1 to 60 bar and -14 to 870 psi and comes with Bluetooth low energy communication. Easy to read digital gauge, table and graphic visualisations. Report exportation in PDF, CSV, XML. Data logging. Measurements are instantly provided.

Operating temperature of -20°c - 50°c, storage temperature of -20°c - 60°c

Holds database of 124 refrigerants, which updates.

ABS-PC with elastomer overmoulding

1/4" MFL connector with Shrader valve

Long range Bluetooth 4.2 low energy

1/4" FFL connector with depressor

Comes with conformity certificate

Comes with thre AAA batteries (250 hour battery life)

Compatible with the Si-Manifold app on Android and iOS

Sauermann Smart Wireless Pressure Probe Si-RM1