Dyomix OHM 2.4 Mobile Unit

With CleanTech dyomix® it is possible to easily produce a clean high-performance fuel from the oxygen and hydrogen naturally present in water, with no storage requirements. The flame produced by this process, burns at more than 2500°C and is particularly suitable for the needs of those professionals using a flame torch in their daily work.

The dyomix® flame obtained is compatible with all brazing products (filler metals and fluxes) on the market. No new specific training is required.

The dyomix® oxy-hydrogen flame technology has been used and tested intensively in the industry since 2009. Robust, efficient and safe, innovative and patented, the dyomix® electrolysers have now been miniaturised to be used directly on site.

Compact, lightweight and mobile, the Castolin dyomix® OHM 2.4 is a major innovation. 100% made in France, it is intended for professionals such as refrigeration or heating specialists, plumbers and for any other work requiring a flame. The Castolin dyomix® OHM 2.4 is a unique equipment with the latest eco-innovative technologies. By choosing Castolin dyomix® OHM 2.4, users simplify their logistical constraints, reduce the level of risk of their daily activities and have a clean, high-performance flame on­site, at all times.

Dyomix OHM 2.4 Mobile Unit