Plaster-in Linear Grilles - Bespoke

An extremely versatile grille series, available in a wide range of specifications to suit any application.

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Linear Bar Grilles
Our most versatile grille series.
Linear bar grilles are available in a wide range of different specifications with a long list of options, making them highly customisable to suit your application perfectly.

Blade profiles include 0°, 15° and 45°, all of which can be set on either 12.5mm or 20mm spacings, with each set up having different properties in terms of blow direction, free area and robustness.

Linear bar grilles are available from HVC, with different blade profiles and spacings, a variety of hinged and removable core methods plus a comprehensive range of finishes.
If required for extract, specify your linear grille with 3mm thick, 0° blades, on a 20mm pitch.
With a free area of around 85%, this is a more robust alternative to egg crate grilles, with similar performance. Linear bar grilles are also available with a plaster-in frame.

Features for Liner Bar Grilles include -

Hinged and removable cores
Dedicated frames for a strong blade pack with no bowing
Options include hinged and removable cores, rear-mounted opposed blade dampers for airflow balancing, and polyester powder coating to any RAL/BS colour.

Linear bar grilles are manufactured in house to your requirements, with HVC's industry-beating lead times.

Plaster-in Linear Grilles - Bespoke